Things I Love: January 2017

My original intent for my Things I Love posts was to write one monthly. Turns out, I aimed too high. We’re going to go with my doing this bi-monthly and call it a day!

This “cardi-coat” from Old Navy ($29.97 on clearance)
Y’ALL. Old Navy has been running some wicked discounts lately – it looks like they’re clearing out the entirety of 2016 (aren’t we all?) and I have been fully taking advantage! This sweater (coat? it’s heavier than an ordinary cardigan but I would hardly call it appropriate for an Erie winter day on its own) is my favorite purchase from their sale. I love Old Navy’s clothing, but sometimes their pieces look like they came from Old Navy – a little too polished, preppy soccer mom for me. This piece is so funky and perfectly bridges the perpetual gap that is my style… I’ve become a hybrid recovering emo kid boho hippie, or something. Whatever you want to call it, this cardigan is my prime aesthetic. Plus, with the additional markdowns they’ve been pushing lately, I only paid $15 for it! Honestly, I would happily pay more for a piece of clothing like this. I’ve only worn it once, and I can already tell I’m going to get a LOT of use out of it – not only because it goes with damn near my entire wardrobe, but because it’s made quite well!

Nintendo 3DS Super Mario Edition ($249 from Walmart)
I’m a very low-key gamer. I grew up with my Super Nintendo and original Gameboy (full disclosure, I have referred to my 3DS as a Gameboy more often than a 3DS), but I only played a few games on each. I enjoy the games I like, though, and missed having a console as my husband finished his man cave and got his PS4 set up. So, for Christmas, he surprised me with this beautiful, vintage-looking 3DS (the cover plates are full of 8bit-style classic characters). I definitely don’t play for hours on end like I used to, but I am loving every moment of Pokemon Moon. The built-in games and apps are sincerely hilarious and it’s been so much fun re-living my childhood on an actual modern console.

E&J Apple Brandy (Price varies – this is their store locator)
A thing I do not recommend: losing your voice (from strain, not sickness) right as your busiest week at work of the year begins. While it was nice to not have to talk to customers as my 67-hour week started, I was in a lot of pain. Enter this apple brandy. The flavor is the right kind of apple, not too sour or sugary. I’m not sure how much of the help was pure placebo, but my throat definitely felt relief after I sipped a little glass! It’s also quite good mixed with apple cider (or Giant Eagle’s spiced pear cider that I believe was a seasonal item for autumn, but if you can still find it, buy it).

U2’s Joshua Tree Tour Announcement (Tickets go on sale Tuesday!)
A fun fact about me: Foo Fighters mean more to me than any other artist/band, but I’ve only been a fan for about five years. U2, on the other hand? They’ve gotten me through my entire life. I fondly remember melodramatically listening to Joshua Tree and Boy in the backseat of my parents’ car on my first-gen iPod mini. The big downfall of being a fan of a band that’s been doing their thing for decades is that I’d resigned myself to never getting to see their back catalog live. AND THEN U2 GOES AND DOES THE THING. I won’t hold my breath waiting for an October tour (that album, you guys), but Joshua Tree is quintessential U2. The Edge has already talked a lot about how the themes of the album are more relevant than ever (we were suffering through the Reagan years when it dropped), so come July 1, you can catch me sobbing like a damn fool in Cleveland. I. Can’t. Wait.

Now that work has settled down a bit, I’m going to be making a concentrated effort to blog more frequently. One post a week, maybe more if the mood strikes. Please, please comment and let me know what you’d like to see more of here! Have a beautiful weekend, readers!

Things I Love: November 2016

Hello, readers! Today officially begins my ~real~ posts on this blog… I’ve been toying with different methods of product/pop culture/life reviews and a catch-all seems to be the best way to go for someone moderately scatterbrained like me. So, without further ado, welcome to my first edition of Things I Love!

Kate Spade: Maise Handbag (prices vary – mine was on clearance for $129!)
I have a long, storied history with purses – I was a chronic cheap-bag buyer in high school and college, and as I’ve headed into adulthood, I’ve discovered the importance and value of a good investment purse. I’m obsessed with my first Maise! It’s the perfect medium-size, every-day-bag. The pockets inside are just big enough to hold all my small items, and the main compartment is amazing me with just how much it holds. Dangerously, Kate Spade releases new colors and styles of this popular bag seasonally… goodbye, money!!

Too Faced: Better Than Sex Mascara ($23 for the full size)
My quest for the perfect mascara has finally come to an end. After years of drug store brands (no hate, but some of them had some dank odors) and gross, clumpy lashes, I decided to try Too Faced’s well-known option. I’m hooked. The brush shape is really what makes the difference here – it’s curvy (they aptly compare it to a woman’s body!) and the curves serve a wonderful purpose. The teeny little lashes at the corners of my eyes are no longer ignored! AND I AM COMPLETELY CLUMP-FREE. I’m assuming I actually bought a cute little tube of magic, not mascara.

Autumn Weather (free- GO OUTSIDE, y’all!)
People love to complain about my city. Sure, Erie isn’t a glamorous metropolis, but I love it here. Whenever I imagine living somewhere else, I wind up thinking about how few other places experience all four seasons the way we do here. Our summers are hot but not too hot, our winters may be long but they are beautiful, and spring and autumn? I could cry every time I go outside. The colors! The crisp air! I have no idea what happened in the weather patterns this year to make the leaves extra beautiful, but I have been running around with my cameras more this month than I ever have before. Actually, as soon as I finish this post, my husband and I are heading to a local hiking path! My Instagram is so orange right now because I can’t stop editing pictures of leaves. I love it.

Superstore (Thursdays at 8pm, NBC)
Okay, real talk, I will mourn the end of NBC’s Must See TV comedy block until the end times. I grew up in the Friends/Seinfeld/Will & Grace era, and when I was super depressed in and post-college, Community, Parks and Recreation, The Office, and 30 Rock kept me going. I could (and likely will) write ridiculously wordy posts about just what those shows mean to me. That being said!! Superstore is a beautiful new show. The instant I saw that Mark McKinney was attached to a new project, I had to check it out (side note: if you’ve never watched the old Canadian sketch comedy show Kids in the Hall, watch. it. now. Many of the sketches are on YouTube!). While I’m not emotionally invested in the characters (yet), the adorable sexual tension between Jonah and Amy is bringing back some Jim and Pam memories, and I’m hooked. As a deranged retail employee myself, nothing makes me laugh harder than the bizarre customer moments that bring the show back from commercials. I’m pleased with the way NBC has filled the Office-shaped hole in my heart.

The return of Starbucks’ holiday drinks (at Starbucks… duh)
FIRST OFF, screw you if you call girls who like cozy beverages “basic.” It’s not fair that girls are made fun of for enjoying the very things that are marketed toward them! In fact, it’s terrifically sexist and if you play into that nonsense, you should probably just leave my blog. That being said… I got my first Chestnut Praline Latte of the season this morning and my heart swelled. Nothing beats long conversations with my best friend over holiday drinks.

The Vegan Vine ($18.00 online, I found the Chardonnay for $12 at a PA state store)
Wine is smushed grapes, so you would assume it’s vegan already… right? While I haven’t adopted a vegan (or even vegetarian) lifestyle, I’m definitely aware of the treatment of animals that goes into the products I use, eat, and drink, so I was thrilled to find this company! The Chardonnay is excellent and let’s be real, it’s nice to feel good about at least one of your choices when you are two glasses deep!

There you have it! Some of the things I am loving as the seasons change and I settle back into my regular routine. I’m going to try to do one of these posts every month. If you have something new you think I should try, let me know!