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#MyErie is Hardly a Sinking Ship

There’s been a big conversation online lately about my hometown. Erie is the fourth-largest city in Pennsylvania (well, fifth when Penn State has a home game) (seriously). I’ve lived here my whole life – nearly 30 years – and while I’ve done my fair share of complaining – who hasn’t? – I feel inclined to […]

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Pink Winter Sky

The sky today was a charming shade of pink. I couldn’t help but snap a ton of photos on our way to work this morning! Feel more than welcome to share these images – just please make sure you link either this blog, or my Instagram if that’s where you’re sharing! Days like today make […]

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We are married people!!

I’m writing my wedding/honeymoon recap post from 38,000 feet up in the air and a passenger just gave me their free drink coupons and I amย emotional,ย so bear with me. Or don’t; no one is actually making you read this (yes, yes I am). So. Nine days ago, Scott and I got married. We have rings […]

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