Hi! I’m Meredith Wilcox, a jack-of-some-trades from Erie, Pennsylvania. I spent the last five years working at a college bookstore with my husband (yes, we were together 24/7… and we loved it). Now, I’m going through what could possibly be seen as an early mid-life crisis, but I’m a perpetual optimist, so we’ll call it a phase of rediscovery. When I’m not figuring my ~life~ out, I’m either taking and editing photos, writing, or daydreaming about Dave Grohl, Bono, or Disney World.

This website serves as a home base for me online. I’m one of those kids of the internet age (or a whiny millennial, whatever you want to call it), so having a blog is nothing new… what up, friends from DiaryLand circa 2002! This site will showcase more than my griping about life, though. There will be photograph-heavy posts here, as well as your standard word-vomit posts and other things that strike my fancy.

As far as standard personal info goes… I graduated from Villa Maria Academy in 2006, and Gannon University in 2010. I have a BA in Theology, but actually took more writing courses than anything – that’s where my love of poetry and journalism really blossomed. I primarily use Canon cameras – you’ll rarely catch me using my iPhone as a camera, but that is my main tool for photo editing.

I’m super into classic comedy (Steve Martin, old Saturday Night Live, Kids in the Hall, etc), loud music (Foo Fighters and U2 own my heart), and musical theater. Sometimes, I almost forget that I have over 50 stage roles and stage crew positions under my belt! I also really, really like sports (Steelers, Canucks, Blue Jays, Penn State, and the Erie Otters are my teams, and I’m a stupid-massive fan of WWE). I am likely the most cliche ENFJ Capricorn you’ll ever know. I only use the Oxford comma because I have to.

Any other questions? Feel more than welcome to email me!