Hello, readers.

I had half of a drafted post written up yesterday – a cheery little thing that just sort of updated you on the nice things I was doing and thinking this weekend.

But I’m catching up on the news from yesterday, and reading back over my draft made me feel like an idiot.

The things that are happening in our country are something that can’t and shouldn’t be ignored. They shouldn’t be glazed over and they shouldn’t be something you just feel sad about, or something you tweet a requisite “my prayers are with these people” and feel like that’s enough. Fun fact: prayers are empty and entirely worthless if you don’t follow those nice thoughts with real, tangible action.

I’m just… I’m really, profoundly sick of this reality we have been living in since November. And I’m done trying to pretend like I’m okay with the people around me who make racist jokes, openly support this joke of a president, just, all of it.

If you support Trump or any of the hate-filled thoughts that fueled what happened yesterday… my blog is not for you. My friendship also is probably not for you. I can agree to disagree with the best of them – that’s a skill that any functioning adult needs to get by in this society – but when we are disagreeing over the most basic human rights? That’s something I can’t budge on.

Next week, I’ll be back with my usual brand of blog posts. Today, I’m going to reflect on what yesterday’s events mean for this country that I want, so badly, to love again. I hope you take time to do the same. I hope you recognize that us millennials are the people who continually stand and fight for change. Don’t write us off. Don’t writeย yourselfย off. Find love, find peace, find something that brings you comfort today. Then take that feeling and share it with the people around you.


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