Getting Lost in a Drive

Hi, readers!

To continue the trend I seem to have started in my previous post, I don't necessarily have a topic in mind for you today. But, that worked really well for me last time, so… hello! It's weekend and I'm blogging, which is what I originally intended when I started this blog – I really want to get myself into the habit of writing something every weekend.

I'd be mad at myself if I didn't start this post with a dinner/date night recommendation. A few months ago, my husband and I heard about a new restaurant that opened in the area – we finally tried it Friday and I will be singing its praises for a long time to come! If you're in North East, PA – or just want an excuse to explore one of my favorite parts of the Erie area, go to Noosa. It's small and sort of hidden on (in? I don't know boat culture) the marina, but it's so worth the drive. Their cocktail menu is incredible – I totally recommend their blackberry ginger – a spin on a manhattan with the most delightfully smoky whiskey. And the food!! I want to go back immediately so we can try the rest of the menu.

After dinner, we took a little stroll along the marina. I'll never tire of the views you get on Lake Erie. I know I'm partial, but there's nothing at all like an Erie sunset, even if it's so hazy that there's no line on the horizon (aaahh, she's got U2 jokes!!). I can already see us making many return trips, hopefully with more exciting sunset colors!

Our drive home was full of me being an emotional dummy because Where the Streets Have No Name came on the radio – my life is one big U2 joke, let's be real. I had some ~moments~ on that drive, which I think will be fodder for the rest of this post. Buckle up, readers, it's about it go all stream of consciousness up in here!

The drive in from North East is one I've done countless times; my parents and I spent my childhood weekends taking day-trips all over this tri-state area. As I grew into a more-than-slightly angsty teen, those drives saw me hiding in the back seat, first with a discman, then with various iPods. Even though those trips feel like they were an entire lifetime ago (and in so many ways, they were), it was so easy for me to remember exactly what went through my pre-teen brain as we drove home last night.

I've written before about how music has the ability to make every-day happenings feel timeless, even remarkable. When I think back on those drives with my parents, it's not the destinations I remember – it's my getting entirely lost in the music I was listening to. That's what happened Friday night. My husband, ever the good sport to my emotional, excited outbursts, just smiled at me and calmly drove, letting me wax rhapsodic about the Moment we found ourselves in.

Those moments are something I find myself experiencing – and embracing – more and more often. My favorite college professor called me out on that, in the best way, a few years back. We were catching up on all sorts of things, and after I explained to him how I feel about ~life~ as a whole, he sat thoughtfully for a moment, then told me I must operate on a slightly different plane than most other people. That's something that I'd always felt, but never really put words to before that evening, and it's exactly what goes on when I'm lost in a drive or a song or what have you.

Instead of focusing on the physical act of driving, of going from point a to point b, I instead focus on the very basic things that make up that drive – the way the trees look as they're flying by, the connection of the car to the road under it, the way the music mixes with the sounds of our 15-year-old Jeep. I get thoroughly lost in them – the way the leaves catch light, why those exact trees were planted, how many other people have driven past them in their lifetime. That's how I've always operated – I get lost in moments, in pieces of moments, and I never seem to shake them. Now, every time I drive that stretch of road again, I'm going to both attempt to re-create Friday night, as well as embrace what's different and new.

If nothing else, I think this gives y'all more a look into how my brain works. My closest friends know and embrace this part of me, and it's definitely something I've become more comfortable with expressing over the past few years – it's so much a part of who I am that I can't ignore it – but I also know that when I get lost in moments like this… I can be a lot to handle. My blog is almost a year old now, though (!), so this seems as good a time as any to make a more focused effort to share these things here. As I said at the beginning of this post, I'm doubling down on my effort to write weekly – please, hold me accountable to this, readers!

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