December 19, 2016

I have been very, very terrible at blogging.

To be honest, I don’t have an excuse. I know my blog is here. I know I paid for my domain for the sole purpose of remembering I put money into this, so I better use it.

…and it’s been nearly a month since my last post? That’s just not good.

So, this post will be a bit more informal than what I had originally intended this blog to look like – we’ll call it catching up and I promise I will get back on track next week! Each of these paragraphs could very well have become their own posts, but, like I said, I have no excuse for not properly writing. So, here we go. Random thoughts.

It’s winter now, which means my skin is dryer than I knew it could be – I always forget that I need to prep for this frigid air (sidebar: the Frigidaire refrigerator brand suddenly makes sense). That also means that Christmas – and my birthday! – are close. My husband and I sincerely kicked ass buying gifts this year; if you’re on our list, get ready to love your present!

Real talk, I’m fairly certain my brain put so much emphasis on seasons just now because of the Gilmore girls revival. I have… feelings? about it??? I sobbed like a damn fool while I watched the episodes (two days after they came out – and NOTHING got spoiled for me – thank you, internet), but the next morning, I had a LOT of questions and… complaints? I’ve been devouring every think-piece I can find on the revival and while I’m not going to post spoilers here, if you want to talk about it, please shoot me a message!

As I type this, I’m staring at my fingernails, so I have to plug a nail polish brand. My dear friend Amber introduced me to Super Black Lacquers. I’m picky with nail polish – if it’s full of harmful ingredients, keep it away from my precious fingers. Super Black is as safe as they come, plus it’s a tiny operation – who doesn’t love supporting a small business? I have three of their colors, currently – two are shimmery and have SO MANY tones, and a classic red that I’m currently rocking for Christmas.

I also need to make a more personal plug. I found Harness Magazine on Instagram a few weeks ago. Another small, relatively local company! Harness is made up of contributors like me who simply want to get their work out. I submitted a poem I originally workshopped in college for their Christmas issue, which you can read right here.

Um… what else. I’m still reeling from the election and I’m truly not sure if that sick feeling is going to go away any time in the next four years. I haven’t been talking about it all much lately, solely because it makes my head spin when I think about it all. Just… I’m sad about all of it. I’m really, profoundly sad.

OKAY. Let’s switch gears and talk about sports for a second. A few things here: 1) the way the Bengals played yesterday was gross and entirely unnecessary. I couldn’t be prouder of Le’Veon Bell for fully ignoring Burfict’s taunting after every single play. 2) I’ve been encouraging my husband to start a Twitter so he can talk sports with people who will truly listen and engage with him, soooo if you know him, maybe help me nudge him? 3) I played Madden for the first time ever yesterday. I… am not good at Madden.

OH! How in the world could I forget to mention this? Years ago, I took a semester of guitar as a grade school elective class. My dad’s side of the family was overjoyed because they’re all musically inclined (okay, one is a legit prodigy), but when the  semester ended, I had to give up my loaner guitar. I’ve been searching for a new creative outlet lately (…because this moderately-abandoned blog isn’t enough?), and my dad wound up finding me a Fender bass at a pawn shop! It’s in great condition, and once I get an amp, I’m going to settle down and teach myself to play.

…Has this been enough of a blog post? I feel pretty good about it, so I’ll leave it here. I hope you all enjoy your holidays and I will see you in 2017!

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