100 Things is a Lot of Things

Hi all!

My last post was a way for you, dear reader, to get to know my blog. This post? Getting to know me. My dear friend Lexie (check out her brilliant blog!) did a post like this a while back and it remains my favorite on her site. Also, it reminds me of my glory days on MySpace.

So, without further ado, here’s 100 things about me. My hope is some (maybe all?) of these will prompt future posts – if there’s something that sparks your interest here, please comment and let me know, and I will queue up a full-length post… maybe even 100 posts will follow!

    1. I started my first blog in 2002, on DiaryLand.com (the fact that they have literally never updated the look of the website brings me so much joy). I was a freshman in high school, we had just gotten the internet in our house (oh, AOL dial-up…), and the blog was a literal MESS. I actually recently found my way back to DLand and deleted it… after reading through the entire thing and feeling so much second-hand embarrassment at 14-year-old me. High school was a weird time in the early 2000s. I had a lot of weird feelings back then. I think that’s all that needs to be said about that.
    2. Speaking of high school, I went to a well-known private school that, except for a decade that included my time there, is for girls only. I wish, all the time, that it was girls only while I was there, too.
    3. I’ve lived in the same city my entire life. There was a period of about two years when I was bent on moving to either NYC or Chicago, but for at least the foreseeable future, I’m quite content here. A lot of people look at my city as a place you need to escape and stay well away from, but I see revitalization happening everywhere. It’s exciting!
    4. Previous point being said, my husband and I share terrific wanderlust. He’s traveled to Seattle and Vancouver twice now and I’m itching to join him on a return trip; I know I’ll love it there. I wouldn’t be surprised if we someday move west.
    5. When I was a kid, I obsessively wrote a book called “A Story.” It detailed fiction adventures of my group of friends. I now realize that I could have gone outside and actually done things with said friends…
    6. I was absolutely one of those “indoor kids” (thanks, Wet Hot American Summer, for the title and affirmation that I’ll be okay!).
    7. I firmly believe that Wet Hot American Summer is the best comedy movie of all time.
    8. Water gives me the worst anxiety. I can’t swim and was always too anxious to even begin to learn. Boats make me sick – not from the motion, but from the crippling fear. Basically, don’t invite me to your pool party. I won’t be there.
    9. I have developed some motion sickness as I’ve gotten older, and it sucks. Goodbye, reading on planes!
    10. I guess I could amend #8 and just say that I have horrific anxiety. Pair that with severe chronic depression that started in 4th grade – I’m a delight!
    11. The comedian Chris Gethard (who I can also call a dear friend) showed me the importance of owning your issues. Realizing that they don’t limit me in any regard was the moment I started recovering.
    12. My dad is a recovering gambling addict. He now runs the recovery program he went through, and speaks at GA conventions across the state. I don’t think I’ll ever admire another person more. This also means that, with my own issues, I’m predisposed to become a literal disaster of a person!
    13. Okay, things are getting too heavy. My favorite band is the Foo Fighters. Dave Grohl is my man.
    14. My favorite band used to be U2. I’ll still burst into tears if you play With or Without You, or anything off the album October.
    15. Real talk, I’ll burst into tears for any reason. It’s something about myself I’ve come to love. Feeling feelings is important, y’all!
    16. Last summer, I had lunch with Kevin Nealon. We happened to be in Cleveland at the same time, and we share a mutual friend. Meet your heroes, guys. He was so kind and funny (duh). Also, he is every inch as tall as he looks on TV.
    17. I never broke a bone as a kid (see #6), but starting at age 22, I broke my left big toe, then my right foot twice in two years. Adulthood has been good to me.
    18. My first camera was one of these bad boys. It took many a picture of my American Girl doll. Fast forward 20 years and the technology got better, but my passion for photography hasn’t changed one bit.
    19. Today, I have an arsenal of five cameras. A Canon Rebel T5 (aka my baby), two Canon Powershots (one is always on my person), a little yellow Fujifilm Instax, and an old Canon 35mm Sureshot that shoots the sort of perfect contrast and saturation us Instagram kids work for.
    20. Theater used to be my LIFE. The church I used to attend started a theater group when I was just a shy 9-year-old who enjoyed choir. By 17, I had performed in over 20 musicals and started stage managing. At 28, I’ve sworn off theater (the stress, you guys) and returned three separate times. I’m not sure if I’ll make any more comebacks at this point – my favorite director always told us to leave it all on the stage – and I’m satisfied with the experiences I’ve had.
    21. I’m super particular with my Starbucks order. No shame.
    22.  I’m an award-winning poet. Humblebragging isn’t usually my style, but it’s my website and it’s a cool fact about me!
    23. I’ve never listened to Hamilton. I… don’t have an explanation as to why not. Like I said, I’m a recovering theater kid. And I adore LMM. But… there you have it.
    24. Mad Men is my favorite TV show, followed closely by Parks and Recreation, Gilmore Girls, and Arrested Development.
    25. As I said in my About page, I’m a reluctant user of the Oxford comma. I’ve lost track already of how many times I’ve had to edit previous points on here to add one. I haaate it. It’s clunky.
    26. Nothing is more intoxicating to me than clean hotel smell.
    27. I love my iPhone but real talk, I miss my Blackberry. I loved that clicky little keyboard.
    28. I used to work at a zoo, and a dance and skate supply store. I definitely retained too much (useless) knowledge from each, so if you ever need someone to size figure skates or detail the process of admitting school tour groups to a zoo, I’m your girl.
    29. If you tell (or laugh at, for that matter) sexist or racist jokes, I don’t want anything to do with you.
    30. I’m confident that my current circle of friends will be life-long. I’m usually right when I go with my gut.
    31. I knew three weeks into our relationship that Scott was the one.
    32. If something begins to feel anything but right to me, I drop it. Life is a terrifically fragile thing, and I don’t want to spend mine feeling anything but happy and fulfilled (or on the path to fulfillment, at the very least).
    33. I don’t like lunch. Let me eat breakfast food always, please.
    34. Flowers are my favorite subject to photograph. I love the way their appearance changes depending how you focus your lens. I love adjusting their saturation and watching details shift.
    35. If I didn’t have to drive in the snow, winter would be my favorite season.
    36. My hair has been every color you can think of over the years; it’s currently as close to my natural color as it’s been since I started dyeing it.
    37. I have a really bad habit of buying ALL THE LIPSTICK!!! and then rarely wearing any.
    38. I’m not on Facebook, for a multitude of reasons, namely my hatred for the forced, fake interactions that have become its norm. Like, if you want to keep up with me, actually put forth some effort!
    39. Savory snacks are all I care about. I can take or leave sweets and I haaate salty food.
    40. Winnie the Pooh is my favorite Disney character (Jiminy Cricket and Yzma follow closely).
    41. I haaate confrontation, which makes my supervisor position at work a great time. I’ll just leave conveniently-placed notes to deal with small issues if I can help it.
    42. My skin is ridiculously sensitive. Scott and I went to Outback Steakhouse for our first date. I didn’t know it at the time, but there’s something in their famous seasoning that I’m allergic to (just add it to my list…). A few hours after I got home from that date, my entire. body. broke out in hives, and since then, breakouts still flare up on my face every evening! This was three years ago!! Having skin is fun!
    43. I can’t stand country music.
    44. I never drank (or currently drink) alcohol to get drunk, which made me super popular (hah) in college. I like the taste of wine, so I often drink it with dinner.
    45. The psychology of dreams has always fascinated me, and unless I’m exhausted or sick, I can almost always lucid dream.
    46. The power couple that is Ted Danson and Mary Steenburgen gives me so much hope.
    47. I used to be obsessed with Ty Pennington… so when Extreme Makeover: Home Edition came to my city, I stood in the rain (in a really terrible part of town) for two full days. I high-fived Ty. It was awesome. Here’s a picture of him running toward me before said high-five. I’m glad my photography skills have improved.
    48. I’m super not a dog person, and I love cats, but I’m definitely not a pet person.
    49. I’m also not a kid person. Finding a husband who feels the same way was huge for me!
    50. I really, really, really like tattoos, and I’ve planned several for myself, but I don’t have any and am not sure if I would get them. See my skin sensitivity in #42 and also my immense fear of needles.
    51. Back in my dating days (if they could even be called that?), I only put myself in cliche bar situations a few times… one of those ended abruptly because I confidently told the guy I was probably too good for him. Easily one of the proudest moments of my life.
    52. I met Julie Andrews a few years ago. She is every bit as lovely in person as you would hope. Even though it was ridiculously hot out, she was rocking a linen pantsuit, and she told me to get an ice cream cone (I did).
    53. I didn’t get my glasses until I was 21. The vision in my right eye isn’t too bad – and hasn’t worsened – but my left eye has gotten progressively worse since high school. Even though I’ve only had glasses for seven years, I barely recognize myself without them now, and likely won’t ever consider getting contacts (I do miss sunglasses, though) (prescription sunglasses just aren’t the same!).
    54. I’m the least flexible person you’ll ever know. I can hardly do a somersault. I took a dance class (to get out of gym, so it was very casual) in high school and the teacher made me attempt a cartwheel… I sobbed. Good times.
    55. Socks are gross and I hate them. I’ll wear my shoes without socks until it’s entirely too cold out.
    56. That being said, I love boots more than most things, so I’ll deal with socks if it means it’s boot season!
    57. Superhero movies do not interest me in any way. I saw Dark Knight because everyone was, but that’s literally it. The internet is a lonely place for me when a new blockbuster is out.
    58. Harry Potter and Star Wars are my JAMS, though.
    59. My birthday is 1/09, and my best friend AND husband’s are both 9/01. I definitely have a thing for numbers, so when I learned that about them, I knew we were fated to be together for a long time to come.
    60. Get the whole 13th-zodiac-sign nonsense away from me. I’m a proud Capricorn. And yes, I do believe in that crap.
    61. I also fully believe in ghosts, tarot, yetis, and the other stuff you probably consider nonsense.
    62. Touching money absolutely disgusts me. Real glad I work in retail. I guess it’s a good thing I got turned down for the bank teller job I applied for a few years back?
    63. There is a frozen yogurt shop in my neighborhood (walking distance, y’all), which is simultaneously the greatest and curse and blessing on this great earth.
    64. My favorite movie of all time is The Parent Trap. The summer the VHS came out, I watched it every. single. day. (I’m not exaggerating) and can still recite the entire movie word-for-word. My heart swells when I think of Dennis and Natasha in that last scene.
    65. If it was financially possible, I would take a Lush bath every night. Give me ALL the bath bombs!
    66. A few years ago, I was asked (rather rudely) if I was ever going to find a “real job.” What I do at the bookstore does sometimes get tedious and occasionally isn’t much more than standard retail nonsense, but it’s the right fit for me, right now. I love that I don’t have to take my work home with me, and I love getting to interact with people from all over campus. Plus, having time to focus on writing and photography is everything I could have asked for!
    67. I love getting (and sending) cards and handwritten notes (…as I’m writing this post, our wedding thank you notes are just waiting to be written!).
    68. I’ve taken the Myers-Briggs test every year since 2006 and have never been anything but an ENFJ, which makes me laugh, because staying so staunchly true to myself is a very ENFJ trait.
    69. My randomly-generated email address for work is “mac69” and nothing makes me more uncomfortable than when I have to give it out.
    70. I distinctly remember, at my very first rehearsal for a musical ever, I sat myself down next to a rather popular teenager (I was 10 at the time) and talked with her about cottage cheese. My… social skills have not improved much since.
    71. Scott got me hooked on The Dan Le Batard Show and if you would have told me two years ago that a sports talk radio show would become one of my favorite things, I would have laughed in your face.
    72. My favorite commercial of all time (that’s a thing, I swear) is this Christmas one from Eat n’ Park. Makes me cry whenever I see it, in the best way.
    73. When I worked at the zoo, I discovered that I am wicked good at crossword puzzles.
    74. I have a small collection of stuffed animals that mean as much to me at 28 as they did when I was a kid.
    75. Back in the MySpace days (and even into Tumblr), I taught myself basic HTML. I’ve since forgotten nearly all of it (and just had a near-nightmare with the formatting of this post).
    76. I also used to be able to play some basic guitar chords… that skill is also long gone.
    77. I desperately want to learn to play drums.
    78. My favorite episode of TV, ever, is “Dinner Party” from The Office.
    79. My favorite song is Foo Fighters’ “Times Like These.” (Can you tell I’m struggling to come up with facts?)
    80. Last unnecessary fave, I promise. My favorite animals are hippos and zebras.
    81. My main bad habit is playing with my jewelry… which has become a sincere issue since my engagement and wedding rings were added to the mix. Can’t tell you how many times they’ve almost flown away in public.
    82. I’m totally a Carrie. …is that too dated of a reference? How old am I?
    83. I always self-sorted as Hufflepuff, but Pottermore put me in Ravenclaw.
    84. Thanks to my old TV from the 70s, I grew up with only five channels, so I learned to love PBS. Their old block of British comedies on Saturday nights were my everything. Are You Being Served? is my forever favorite.
    85. Buffalo, New York holds the most special place in my heart. My family used to spend our happiest weekends up there all the time when I was a kid, and eventually I started taking Scott there – most importantly, it’s where he proposed!
    86. I am terrible at sleeping! Which sucks, because as I said in a previous point, I love dreaming. I take forever to fall asleep, I wake up super easily, and no matter what time I fall asleep, I’m awake by 7am. No. Matter. What.
    87. If I smell or even just think about buffalo chicken, I need buffalo chicken.
    88. I love love love liminal spaces. Airports, train stations and the like. I love existing in places that otherwise would never see me.
    89. I once had the lead role in a musical written for me. It was exhilarating and terrifying and I’m not sure if anything will ever top the rush I got when I realized I had performed the role successfully.
    90. I was a Girl Scout until it was waaay past being cool anymore – I quit in the 11th grade. I loved the dynamic of my troop. Instead of camping, we would gather our cookie money and travel to Niagara Falls!
    91. My laptop is neon pink and I’m not sure if I’ve loved an electronic more.
    92. I name my electronics after The Office and Parks & Rec nicknames and characters. My phone is Michael Scarn, my laptop is Li’l Sebastian, one iPod is Big Tuna, and the other is Ethel Beavers.
    93. I collect shot glasses. I started my senior year of high school and now have over 70, from my travels, around my city, and from friends as gifts.
    94. The Lonely Island era of SNL feels like home to me.
    95. I learned how to play pool a few years ago and I am very pleased to say, I can hold my own.
    96. My best Halloween costume ever was when I did Jack Sparrow. I know I will never ever be able to top this.
    97. Despite my ongoing issues with depression, I am absolutely an optimist.
    98. I live for comfortable silences with dear friends.
    99. When I started this list, I had no idea where I would go with these facts, but I have to say I’m thrilled. I have so many ideas already for future posts and I hope I’ve sparked some interest for you, reading this.
    100. I can finally, truly, and confidently say that I am happy. I love this feeling.

So… there you have it! 100 things about me. I’m exhausted. Byeee!

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