We are married people!!

I’m writing my wedding/honeymoon recap post from 38,000 feet up in the air and a passenger just gave me their free drink coupons and I am emotional, so bear with me. Or don’t; no one is actually making you read this (yes, yes I am).

So. Nine days ago, Scott and I got married. We have rings on our fingers as proof! The day was so chaotic and loud and full of hugs and laughter and I never wanted it to end. I’m not sure if I’ll ever be able to properly express my gratitude to our family and friends who helped make our day what it was. Just, if you were there, thank you, from both of us.

Then there was last Saturday. You may recall that our honeymoon destination was closed because of Hurricane Matthew… the day before we were set to arrive. You may also recall that I deal with terrifically crippling anxiety and depression, SO. The instant that first hurricane warning came out… I was convinced Disney World was going to be destroyed. I stayed up almost the entire night before our wedding coming up with potential alternate honeymoon plans (highlights included Vegas and this hotel in the Poconos with the most gloriously ridiculous hot tubs I’ve ever seen – I woke Scott up at 3am to show him that!).

(Not-so) sadly, we didn’t get to see that insane Poconos resort (though we may have just planned our fifth anniversary trip there! thanks, airplane gin!)… by some insane stroke of luck, we booked a later flight to Orlando, arrived at the Pittsburgh airport and then got put on an earlier flight that was leaving literally the minute after we boarded. Honestly, it wasn’t until we were walking toward the Magical Express that I actually let myself believe our original honeymoon plans were still on!

I won’t bore you all with recaps of our seven full days in the happiest place on earth. I will, however, dump some pictures here for you! In standard me fashion, I took more photos in the past week than I have in the past six months put together. Also, if you are planning a trip to Disney World, I completely recommend paying for the Memory Maker. I’m an avid Disney blog reader, so I see a lot of moms recommending it so the entire family can get in photos, which is great, but I think it was completely worth it for us, too! It was so nice to not have to worry about handing my camera off to random people (y’all know that thing is like my baby), and we got some amazing photos that we otherwise wouldn’t have!

So, that’s it for the text part of this post. Highlights from our wedding and honeymoon to follow…




2016-10-07-10-16-13 img_1151img_01502016-10-09-19-50-12 img_02312016-10-09-19-53-24 2016-10-10-19-42-04    img_0276 img_0286 img_0325 img_0338  img_1390 img_1469 img_1735 img_1816


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