Wedding Week

I’m writing this post on Wednesday, October 5. My wedding is in two days.

Holy crap.

If you’ve known me for longer than three years, you’ve no doubt been subject to tales of my relationship woes. If you haven’t, let me give you a quick run down! My dating history is pretty bleak – the younger brother of my best friend at the time’s now-husband was my first boyfriend. Our relationship consisted of a handful of real dates since he lives an hour away… and ended the week after we got into a car accident AND he sent a singing telegram to me. In high school. Where I was already terrifically insecure and prone to embarrassment. Then came my falling in what I thought was love with an incredible man who turned out to be one of my best friends (he’s singing at my wedding!). Theeen there was the time I got into a weird love triangle (??) and messed up a friendship because of a guy who was an emotional wreck. And then came the long-distance thing that we called a relationship but let’s be real, we just liked to text sweet things to each other. And THEN there was my only real, hang-out-always, spend-hours-baring-souls, truly committed relationship… that ended after four months because we were in VERY different stages in our lives!

…and all of this happened before 2009 was half over.


Now it’s nearing the end of 2016 and, like I said, my wedding is in two days. I’ve been madly in love with this goofy, sweet guy since September 2013.

Those dark years, though? April 2009 until September 2013? I was confident that love wasn’t for me. I’ve been through a lot of sincere crap that essentially destroyed my ability to trust people, with very few exceptions. This is just my intro post, though (oh my god, this is the worst intro post, ever), so I’ll save that for when you’re all committed to this blog and I can’t scare you away.

Enter Scott.

The way love happens is sincerely ridiculous, and I mean that in the kindest way. Our meeting was chance – I almost didn’t stick with the job where we both still work. I’m talking, I didn’t show up for my first day, then had a panic attack in the parking lot the morning of my second day. He almost quit, numerous times, over the years! But he didn’t. And I finally composed myself and walked into work. And I think we both started falling in love right from the start, but it took nine months and the not-so-gentle prodding from our dear friend to get us to realize it.

And now here we are, two days from our wedding. Everything is planned and ready. Our kitchen is full of utensils and pop and I need to get our cornhole set out of storage to lug to our reception location. I’m jittery and unfocused at work, which is why I decided to write my first post just a little early.

I’ll have a photo-heavy wedding recap post, and eventually one for our honeymoon, and that’ll be it before this blog really gets rolling – I needed to give myself something new to be focused on once our planning is finally over! I can’t wait for what this blog becomes. I’m excited to share my life with you all.

Happy wedding week to us!

Photo taken by Kat Ritenour,

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